Conveyor Design and Analysis
Conveyor Design and Analysis

Conveyor Design and Analysis

This article is about conveyor design and analysis. 3 conveyors are thought to carry the rear drum and discs to make the production more efficient. The desired properties for these conveyors are below.

Length of conveyors = 10 m

Diameter of driving roller = 90 mm

Diameter of roller bearing=60 mm

Slope of conveyors=5 degree

For drawing model firm use solid Works. Solid Works is solid modelling software that allows you to design products in 3 dimensions. The technique is generally to sketch 2D profiles then use methods like extruding and lofting to produce the solid shape. Solid Works drawings were available as the company had previously designed and manufactured the same feature conveyors. That’s why we did not drawn again. Only, for the conveyors to change the load, motor selection, reducer gear selection, moment analysis, take-off time calculations were made.


Conveyor Analysis

The desired mechanical properties for these conveyors are below.

Velocity of conveyors=0,2 m/s

efficiency=0,75 assumption

Carring load=64.8 ton/hour

Load on conveyor



For Conveyor Design, motors and gearboxes in the market close to the desired specifications are given in the table below.

Motors and gearboxes

From this table the engine power of 1.4 kW, the high revolutions 43 rpm, the lighter and the lighter engine 1 were preferred. Accordingly, moment analysis and service factor were checked. Finally, the take-off time was checked.

Moment Analysis

The table torque values are analyzed according to the serial number of the selected motor.

Tip = EV080-2E100L/6

From table

Nominal moment of motor =15,2 N.m (Mn)

Moment of inertia =0,0077 kg.m^2

Startup moment ratio =2.2

Startup moment =2.2*1.5=33,14 N.m

J top=J motor+(J reduce/efficiency)=0,0077+=0,01362 kg.m^2

Required moment of inertia to rotate the load

Ml=9550*p/n motor revolution=9550*1,259/860=13,295 N.m

33,14 N.m>13,295 N.m  ok

Motor and Gear 

Motor and Gear

50-60 hz & 400 V

P motor power=1.259 kW

n (rpm)=43 rev/min

Tip = EV080-2G100L/6

6 poles =2-4-6-8 poles=3000-1500-1000-750 rpm

L=length of body S-M-L

100 = height of shaft axis =100 mm (56-63-71……..355)

2G=efficient type E2: high efficiency E3:Premium efficiency

EV080 Type of reducer gear

Transformation=20 from table

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