Cost of Quality
Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality

This article is about cost of quality and test of quality.

Cost of quality (COQ) which refers to the total cost of conformance as well as nonconformance. Modern quality thinking emphasizes the cost of conformance so that defects are prevented rather than spending time and money correcting mistakes. Our mentality is the cost of avoiding mistakes is less than the cost of correcting them.

Total cost of quality can be calculated by:

  1. Prevention Cost:(training, time to do it right)
  2. Appraisal Cost:(testing, inspections)
  3. INT/EXT Failure Cost:(rework, lost business)
  4. Total cost=P+A+IF+EF

Our i-Insulin project is based on human health, that is why quality is vital for us. Because any mistake in this project can cause a huge health problem for humans(patients). As a result, qualityis an important part for us in this project. Like all other health care projects, we put quality before cost. For example, we are planning to use 1 million parameters for AI, this will increase our cost. However, these parameters will give us more accurate results.

Test of Quality

The last phase of the Quality Management consists in one or more processes where the quality is checked by tests. In our case the qualitative results will be monitored, internally, by the quality manager and, externally, by health care providers. To ensure that the results are matched to the quality standards chosen by us and required by the EU regulations. The periodic control is made by the qualified staff of our company. That is in charge of doing periodic controls and providing us the results that we will share with every interested party. If there is an issue occurs in any product, this will share with procurement manager. To ensure that procurement of this defected product not occur again. Also, this defected product cause a delay in supply. For this reason, the problem also will share with schedule manager.

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