Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Classification of Quality

This article is about Classification of Quality. We want to be able to control the quality of the whole project more precisely. For this reason, we divide the quality to 6 part which are:

  1. Quality of design and mechanic
  2. Quality of electronics
  3. Quality of software
  4. Quality of data security
  5. Quality of tutorial courses for users(patients) and doctors
  6. Quality of service/care (on time quality)

In this way, we will be able to control the quality of the whole project more precisely. We are going to forecast the possible future problem more clearly. Also, we can eliminate the risk effectively. Figure below shows the part all I-insulin projects together.

Classification of Quality : Pump and sensor of insulin

Quality of design and mechanic

The quality of design and mechanic of the I-insulin project depend on the pump supplier. The Tubeless Omnipod DASH® Insulin pump. We choose Omnipod as an insulin pump supplier because they have FDA certificate, DTSec Certificate, and ISO27001 Certificate.

Figure 4 shows us the technical draw of Omnipod DASH® insulin pump. This pump gives users up to 72 hours of nonstop insulin delivery, meaning 1 Pod for approximately 14 shots. This simple, easy to use system lets users live life on your terms, free from the hassles of tubing and daily injections. Its unique design consists of a lightweight, tubeless, waterproof, wearable pod. Automatic cannula insertion at the push of a button, so users never have to handle or see a needle.

Technical draw of insulin pump

Quality of Electronics

For the electronic system of I-insulin project we choose Dexcom as our sensor supplier. Because, they have FDA quality certificates. The Dexcom 6G CGM gives users the insights to better track and manage your diabetes. It reads data from sensors every 5 minutes, up to 288 times a day. The Dexcom G6 CGM system provides a real-time look at your glucose readings. Trend arrows and vivid colours displayed on your smart device show you the speed and direction your glucose is heading – so it is easier to make diabetes management decisions. This system does not require calibration. No need to calibrate with a blood glucose meter, eliminating the need for fingerstick. 6G has a long-life sensor. Approved for up to 10 days of use.

Slim, Water-Resistant Sensor. The Dexcom G6 now offers users more convenience and fewer interruptions to daily activities. The Dexcom G6 sensor prevents clinically significant interference from acetaminophen. Urgent low soon alert Receive a 20-minute advance warning of a potential severe hypoglycaemic event (55 mg/dL).

Quality of Electronics

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