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This article is about Quality of software. We mention that our previous article (https://tunavatansever.com/2021/04/25/classification-of-quality/) classification of quality. This article is the second part of it.

User interface design is a hot topic these days and for good reason. In a world where digital experiences are so prevalent. The importance of a good user experience is more important than ever. Due to the tremendous development of smart phones, digital and Internet of Things, user interface standards will become more important in the future. Our user interface is a way for users to get where they want to go and do what they want to do. A good user interface enables users to complete tasks quickly and easily. I.e. it is effective. We choose Mumble SRLS to satisfy these properties. As you can see in the figure below, there is an easy, clean, and understandable interface for project.

Mobile interface of i-Insulin mobile app

Second quality of software for the I-insulin is AI. The new frontiers of AI and Machine Learning offer a myriad of possibilities with which companies can create value from data. We’re talking about a set of sophisticated technologies that enable you to analyze massive quantities of data. Base operational and decision-making processes on analytics. Automate them and make them even more powerful through automatic learning and prediction functions.

We design services and solutions based on machine learning. Able to segment users into clusters according to their habits. To vastly enhance the efficiency of business operations, conduct predictive analysis on their behaviors and classification practices in the computer vision area. Our aim is to use 1 million parameters in the AI section. We set our tolerance for machine learning models with the max error rate of 8%. We choose FrankHood SRL to satisfy these properties. Because, according to the supplier weighted selection table they are the best option for use.

Quality of data security

In today’s hybrid environment, data security has become more complex. Coordinated safety management is essential for a series of critical tasks. This includes ensuring that every user has correct access to data and applications and does not over-expose sensitive data. Data security management involves multiple technologies, processes and practices. Protect business data security and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing it. The data security management system focuses on protecting sensitive data.

Like personal information or intellectual property that is vital to the business. In this project, we are using Amazon Web Service. Because the selection table is weighted according to the supplier, they are the best choice. In addition, Amazon Web Service has an ISO 9001 certificate. We work with data security experts from the cloud service company Amazon Web Service to ensure the security of personal data.COPY

Amazon Web Service ISO-9001 certificate

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