This paper needs and specifications is sixth article about Micro Robot Control in laminar flow thesis. Here is the first one(https://tunavatansever.com/2021/05/09/micro-robot-control/). Firstly, this time we are investigating the which material we need for this project. And what is the specifications of these materials. Have a nice readings…


Our project has the capability of move in vein human body, same direction or opposite direction with blood. On the other hand our project can control in any variable values of human blood so we can say that this method is universal.

Health and Security

All project goals are focused on health we desire that the important illness like cancer detect early or we desire cure illnesses with any side effect so we work on this good purposes.


We inject the microrobot to the body with veins and then control it with magnetic levitation. After that operation we can get data from microbot and if comment in good way we can detect so much information about body.

4.1 Technical Needs

Needs and specifications are for this thesis are listed below.

4.1.1 OptoNCDT Laser Distance Sensor

We choose this sensor because we need high sensitive distance sensor so we decided to use linear laser sensor.

Figure 4.1 OptoNCDT 1420 Laser Distance Sensor
4.1.2 Olympus SZX-7 Microscoper

We choose this Microscope series because we can use it horizontal way and we can connect that to computer and control the axises.

Zoom Ratio of Microscope is: 7(0.8x – 5.6x)

4.1.3 Point Grey GS3-U3 Camera

We choose this camera because our microrobot is quiet small and we move it with 0-75 mm/sec velocity range so camera should have high quality resolution and sensitive lens with it.

4.1.4 F-122 5-Axis Fiber Alignment System

We choose this motion system because we need high sensitive motion with axis (0.1 μm for X, Y, Z axises and 3.5 μrad for Ɵx, Ɵy axises) and this system support that we can get data and control with MATLAB.

Motion range with axises are 25mm for X, Y, Z axises and 10° for Ɵx, Ɵy axises.

4.1.5 NE-300 Syringe Pump

We choose this syringe pump because in this study we need 0-35 ml/min velocity range and this model is sensitive for these working range.

4.1.6 Micro Robot

Micro robot has a 250 um diameter and 200 um height and made of Neodymium magnet. To understand of dimensions of micro robot there are two figure. One of 0.50 Turkish liras (figure 1.1) and small version of 0.50 Turkish liras in (figure 1.2). As you can see in (figure 1.2) micro robot is very small for 0.50 Turkish liras.

4.1.7 NdFeB(Neodmiyum Magnet)

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