1984 George Orwell_tunavatansever.com
1984 George Orwell_tunavatansever.com

1984 George Orwell

In this article, we discussed the 1984 book of George Orwell’s utopia British socialism. Although the book mentions England in 1984, it has foreseen many similar applications today. Below are the excerpts of some of the chapters that we think are important. Have a nice reading…

  • The Party is not interested in visible actions; the only thing that concerns us is thought. We don’t try to destroy our enemies, we change them.
  • We do not destroy the heretics because he resists us; never destroy the process they resist. We will return from their beliefs, and we will rebuild their minds and reshape them.
  • You’re never going to feel like a normal person feels. Everything in your heart will be dead. After that you will not know what love is, what is friendship; Neither the courage nor the honesty, you will be deprived of all of what you wonder what laughter and enjoyment. You will be a dead man. After we squeeze the inside out, we will fill ourselves in.
  • The masses of the people were weak, cowardly creatures who could not stand up to freedom or face reality, and therefore had to be ruled and systematically deceived by powerful ones. People had to choose between freedom and happiness, and the great majority chose happiness.
  • We know that no one grab power to purpose of quit later.
  • People are always defeated. This is so because human beings are destined to die, the greatest of destruction.
  • We have accelerated the pace of human life so that people got older at the age of 30.
1984 George Orwell_tunavatansever.com
1984 George Orwell_tunavatansever.com

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