Che Guevara Motorcycle
Che Guevara Motorcycle

Che Guevara Motorcycle Diaries

In this article, we discussed the book of Che Guevara Motorcycle Diaries. Below are the notes of the chapters that I think are critical about the book pleasant readingsā€¦

Who is Che?

Ernosto Che Guevara was born in Argentina on June 14, 1928. He graduated from the medical faculty of Aieros University of Buenos Aires in 1953. The changing world view of poverty and misery that he had witnessed in his journeys in the Latin American continent was the source of the revolutionary walk which then shook the whole world. He met Cuban revolutionaries while working as a doctor. Che and Fidel Castro joined the guerrilla war against the Cuban dictator Batista. After they realized the Cuban revolution together, he undertook important tasks in the structuring of Cuban socialism.

He served as the president of the National Bank of Cuba and the Ministry of Industry. In 1967, he was prisoner of the Bolivian army (the reason for this was the military strategy mistake of Che. Because he was a doctor, not a commander) and he was shot without trial. His struggle and the legend of his personality continued to affect all the revolutionary movements in the world. Today, the face of the revolution is shown Che. Mao Zedong, the leader of the Chinese Revolution or Lenin, Stalin the leader of the Russian revolution, who lived in the same century, is not used very much. The reason for this is that Che is more suitable for representation because he is handsome.

Notes from Che Guevara Motorcycle Diaries Book

In Peru, only one of every five young men who have become eligible to do military service directly; however, the remaining ones are trained on a variety

of courses every sunday and informed on the basic issues.

For the rich people in this region,It is very natural for a servant to carry all kinds of heavy loads, even if by foot, and have to cope with all kinds of discomfort.

Alberto saw that one of the guards had insulted a local woman who brought food to her husband in prison, which caused her an annoyed and small-scale struggle. Alberto’s reaction must have been very strange to people who saw the indigenous as objects, who try to survive and were not willing to do anything more than to tolerate their existence, so they did not treat us very well.

Che Guevara Motorcycle
Che Guevara Motorcycle

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