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Just Begins

In this article, we examined Faruk Eczacıbaşı book “Just Begins”. I took notes of the sections that I think are critical about the book below. Although it is a point I do not agree with the author. It is a work that opens the horizon of people in general, pleasant readings…

Faruk Eczacıbaşı, I hope that the readers of this book will be aware of the powers they have in this new world; courageously implement areas of influence that go well beyond what they can predict.

Technology isn’t just good or just bad, as technology historian Melvin Kranzberg says, that doesn’t mean he is neutral.

Most silicon valleys can give you detailed technical talks about ‘blockchain’ or ‘bitcoin’ – even after you have been bored and almost asleep. But last year, for example, Facebook was in trouble because it allowed employers not to show jobs for certain age and race groups. However, this is one of the most basic laws in the United States; Job postings cannot be shown to groups of one race only and kept from others.

It is a known fact that many of the members of the United States Constitutional Court do not even use e-mail. In other words, people who have to decide when there is a case about the privacy of mobile phones; or the challenges of encryption technologies, even read their e-mails thanks to the help of their coworkers.

As the most important priority, businesses designed by accepting the operation of institutions independent of the person in their manager; stepped into the enterprise business class.

The gap between the generations opens up and deepens. Behavior change is as important for individuals as it is for institutions and administrations. Today’s younger generation faces a much greater obscurity than before. In my opinion, this distrust brought by the unknown is instinctively one of the main causes of general unrest. The solution prepared for the uncertainty of the future; rather than emulating the old, first of all by wearing a different glasses that will make it possible to evaluate the future from a new perspective.

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