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Optical Sensor

Optical Sensor, light phenomena such as reflection, refraction, absorption, interference, polarization. And speed are the powerful utensils in a sensor designer’s toolbox. Optical components help to manipulate light in many ways.

Example:The light direction can be changed by the use of a physical effect of reflection with the help of mirrors, diffractive gratings, optical wave guides, and fibers. Also, the light direction can be changed by the refraction with the help of lenses, prisms, windows, chemical solutions, crystals, organic materials, and biological objects.

Sensing Optical

Sensing Optical Rotate

Application of Optical Sensor

There are severel application of optical sensor in ındustry. One of them given as example below. Optical sensor consisting of a receiver and a transmitter, when the sensor cannot receive the receiver light at any time, the sensor give signals to the system. Thus, the robotic arms that are welding are stopping their operations. As a security application, this system is used in almost every factory. And their usage is increasing day by day.


Another example for application of optical sensor in industry is given below. In the system aiming to mark on the lids of the bottles, bottles flow through a tape. A simple linear motor is marking on the caps of the bottles. This process is followed by a sensor with information about whether there is a bottle under the linear motor. Before the bottles come under the linear mark motor, the sensor controls the bottles and informs the system to which the motor is connected. Thus the linear mark motor stops when the bottle is not on the tape. The security of the system is thus ensured.


in this application, the separation of the piece is carried out according to the color of the parts. The reflectance and absorption rates of each color are different. An optical sensor application was realized by utilizing this difference. The sensor that sends a constant light to the parts on the band receives different beam returns from different colored parts. This feedback is understood as the color of the piece according to the range defined in a data base. Thus, the next process in the band is informed. 

optic sensor


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