Starbucks Howard Schultz's Pour Your Heart into
Starbucks Howard Schultz's Pour Your Heart into


In this article, we discussed the book of Howard Schultz’s Pour Your Heart into It, STARBUCKS. Below are the notes of the chapters that I think are critical about the book pleasant readings…

But the day dreamers are dangerous men. T.E. Lawrence Page (111)

Even if the employees of a company cannot buy shares from that company’s capital. The biggest business plan loses its value. Pages (115)

We lost $ 330,000 in 1987. The following year the losses reached 2 to $ 764,000. The third year lost $ 1.2 million. We did not make any profits until 1990. Page (155)

We did not have to vote at all. When a person did not agree with a view, we were able to settle the matter and find an acceptable solution. Page (166)

Don’t be afraid to give your vulnerable side when you have a right mentor with you. When you accept your weaknesses and ask for advice. You will be surprised how much others help you. Page (167)

My identity had become so identifiable with Starbucks’ identity in a short time that any change in advice would have made me feel like I had failed in some ways in my job. There was a constant battle in my head. I should never forget: These people bring something that I don’t have. They will make Starbucks much better than I can on my own. Page (170)

I’ve been trying to make the message as clear as possible. ‘I hired you because you’re smarter than me.Now go and prove it.’Page(170)

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