Emotional Intelligence

Abstract, this paper; mentions the definition of emotional intelligence, its development, and its place in business life. In this century, emotional intelligence become the one of the main topic of agenda. Parallel to this, the impact on the life of the people is discussed and the precept is accepted by all. For a more effective life, emotional intelligence must be aware of and should be endeavored to improve.

Key words: Emotional intelligence, development of EI, business life.

Tunahan Vatansever

Yıldız Technical University

İstanbul, Turkey


I. Intro

Emotional intelligence has begun to come to agenda much in recent years. To understand that, let’s first define the logic intelligence according to the philosophy of explanation that is everything exist with opposite. Logical intelligence is ability to work with numbers, to think through induction and deduction method, to solve abstract and symbolic problems, to perceive complex relationships between concepts, thoughts and ideas. For example, when you take a decision if you spend time thinking about finding the right decision, this is a decision from your logical intelligence. But if you decide instantly and precisely, it comes from your emotional intelligence. For example, when the child is on the road his mother will reach out and keep her child, this is a decision from your emotional intelligence.

The basis definition of emotional intelligence made by Daniel Goleman in 1995 but laid by social intelligence in 1920. The most common definition is self-knowledge. Because if the person does not recognize himself, he cannot recognize own feelings. The awareness of their own feelings of the person, be able to control it and how others feel, be able to understand their emotional state. Controlling emotions means actually controlling the intrinsic. These are often bad habits.

For example, watching TV is easy. But studying is hard. One should be able to take control of his intrinsic by considering his goals and targets. He should study thought of benefiting from studying instead of watching television. Let’s give an example to better understand. If we make a misguided path commonly known to the public, people can think that I can do empathy then their emotional intelligence is high. This is a wrong approach. It is a sign of emotional intelligence that the person knows whether he can or cannot empathize.

A person who has high emotional intelligence do not blame others, he think what can i do about it. Because person who has high emotional intelligence is aware of that, i cannot change other people. But if i change my attitude to other people, they may change attitude to me.

Another characteristic of a person whose emotional intelligence is high is that it is very convenient to leave the comfort zone. For example, when the company you are working with changes the computer program that you use and switches to another computer program. If you are scared and excited, we cannot say that your emotional intelligence is a high. If you cannot control your emotions in the changes, you cannot be person who has a high emotional intelligent.

II. Development of E.I.

There are many factors that affect the development of the emotional intelligence. The three of these are the most striking factors.

II. a – Age

The baby’s emotional intelligence starts to develop between 0-6 months. The baby begins to understand what her mother means with her moments and movements. At this point, emotional intelligence comes into play and begins to develop. The baby can understand that your mother is unhappy, even if it is the tone of your mother voice. In the ages 2-3, the baby begins to feel feelings like anger, sadness both in sounds and in movements.

II. b – Family environment

The most important affect environment that individual grown up is parent environment. If the parents tell you how to act against an event, teaches how to think against an event. Or tell you what your friends really mean in his attitude in such an environment your emotional intelligence is starting to develop.

II. c – Gender

When the individual is being raised, the girl is raised differently as a boy child. Even parents are loving their child with different expression. parent loving their girl child with “o honey, don’t be broken” like this expression and the boy is raised by saying “My lion, go head”. Therefore, the development of emotional intelligence on the two sides is different. Especially girls communicate with their father very close. Because the dad is so soft on her. As a result, the girl becomes too concentrated in her feelings towards the father. The same applies to boys and mothers. The basis of the different thinking of men and women in the coming years is formed here.

III. E.I. in Business Life

With globalization, many companies have begun to transfer technical issues to other countries, that is countries where they can afford it cheap way. For example, from Thomas Friedman’s ‘The World is flat’ book, Hospitals in America send tomography reports to India. The tomography reports are read there. Because India is spoken in English and in front of the clock difference. In the morning, doctors have the reports when they come to the hospital. The level of the doctor’s emotional intelligence is certainly make the difference here that present the report to the patient. So you can be an analyst who reads these reports very well. However, emotional intelligence comes into play as to how to report those reports.

The generation is changing with anticipation. According to reports of employee loyalty, motivated by the manager in the Y generation (individuals born between 1980-1999) comes first. Money is not in first place. As a manager, you must be a very good observer to appreciate a person. The appreciation we talked about here is not like the general appreciation, “you are very good, you are doing great things”. If a person really expects to be appreciated, this is a specific appreciated.

In addition, emotional intelligence has shown in the research done by the world economic form how important it is in all business life. This research has shown emotional intelligence to be one of the activities that people should have in order to survive among the jobs of the future after the industrial revolution of 4.0. Another research shows that this is directly effective in business and business success. Research shows that the success rate of E.I. in business life is 85% and that of Logic intelligence is 15%. It is unthinkable that individuals without E.I. are top managers.

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